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Coro San Marco has undertaken to promote a scholarship fund to award a deserving student entering a Canadian University or College, specifically in the faculty of music. The award will be given to a student with good academic standings and is in financial need.

Coro San Marco will be responsible for accepting applications from interested students, selecting the winner, and presenting them with the cheque.

Scholarship Recipients

To continue to provide scholarships, donations of any amount are accepted.

The donation is to be a cheque made payable to:

Coro San Marco / Music Scholarship Fund.

The cheque can then be mailed to:

Coro San Marco

833 Napa Valley Avenue

Woodbridge, Ontario

L4H 1X4

Any gifts to the scholarship are tax-deductible.

Our charitable number is: 1063270-22

Any donations will be published on this website.

If you have any questions, contact Daniel Colla.

(647) 289-1954

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