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The choir was founded in 1995 when Daniele Colla and the late Joe Fellin, banded together with a group of Italians, mostly from the Veneto region and with a passion for music. They all agreed to name the choir San Marco after the St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Since then the choir has developed into a multi-ethnic choir with choristers from all different nationalities and backgrounds who enjoy singing and share a love for choral music.

The choir has a vast repertoire of folk, classical, religious and operatic music. And it has performed extensively at many concerts, international festivals and charitable events. Coro San Marco met in 1995 with the Schola Cantorum (German Choir) and Le Voix du Choeur ( French choir) and organized a concert: Singing Together, which has become a very successful annual event


The choir has the mission to provide the community with the opportunity to enjoy choral music of different styles performed by a multicultural choir.

Coro San Marco performs at various venues and events and festivals in the community and promotes and performs the music of local composers.The choir also promotes and helps young musicians through performing and scholarships.

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