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Daniele Colla

Choirmaster and Founder

Born in Italy in 1954, Daniele studied piano and organ with private teachers. He received his grade 10 piano from the Western Ontario Conservatory of Music, London, Ontario. Daniele Colla has his M.Th from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Music from York University; as well as, Bachelor of Philosophy from Rome University. 


Adolfo De Santis

Piano Accompanist

Adolfo De Santis is a Canadian-born musician who has lived and studied in Italy, where hegraduated with distinction in piano, composition and orchestral conducting. He won several national competitions and took the top prize in the Stresa International Chamber Music Competition. Mr. De Santis has collaborated with Ars Musica, Centuries Opera, Opera Buffa, the Palestrina Chamber Chorus, Peel Choral Society, Coro Giuseppe Verdi, Etobicoke Centennial Choir, Columbus Community Choir, and The Canadian Tenors. He has been music director of the Toronto Opera Repertoire/Toronto City Opera. He is currently music director of Odd Opera and Blythwood Road Baptist Church. He is highly sought after by singers as a trusted musical coach. Mr. De Santis is enjoying his journey into the world of Jazz and Broadway as member of the duo Sweet Sparrow (​​


Deyi Ye

Former Piano Accompanist

Deyi Ye was born in Shanghai China, where she started her piano education at age of three. Deyi spent her childhood in Japan, where she studied under Suzuki method, received national first honor, and actively performed in various recitals. She has received various scholarships and awards include; Kiwanis Festival, Toronto Music Festival, and First prize from Canadian Music Competition. Deyi received Masters degree in Performance Piano and Pedagogy from University of Toronto. Deyi is an active teacher in her studio of Vaughan, and an organist in St.Paschal Baylon’s Church.


Michael Colla



Marylou Malicdem



Alesandra Trimmeliti
Anita Pennie
Anna Pina Chirichella
Beth de Carlo
Caterina Gliosca
Cherry Ann Mendez
Cindy Lee
Debra Le Bleu
Gail Malcolm
Irina Marton
Isabel Mazzotta
Iwona Jaszczur
Maria Glass
Mary Chan Lee
Melanie Yirenkyi
Renata Tiveron
Seiko Shifaruji
Sonia Stillo
Tatiana Lachina
Theresa Kam
Tina Onisto
Winnie Matthew


Brian Slepchik
Bruno Trimmeliti
Domenico Colangelo
John Scerri
Onofrio Figliano
Ted Shewchuk
Virgilio Elia
Zovran Radivojevic


Aksana Di Santo
Alida Dussin
Amorfina Sefcik
Denise Perrino

Emma Yang
Julia Svab
Makiko Ishihara
Maria D’Alimonte
Marietta Levinson
Marilena Nasato
Rebeca Calderon
Rose Gaudette


Angelo Nasato
Ernesto Granzoto
Franco Arturi
Herbert Hess
Joe Carlyle
Joseph Lo Curto
Kevin Miller
Leo Lucanie

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