Coro San Marco History and Mission


Coro San Marco was founded in a meeting at the Columbus Centre in 1995 by Daniele Colla, the late president Joe Fellin and a group people of mostly from the Veneto region who had a passion for music. They all agreed to name the new choir San Marco after the St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Since then the choir has developed into a multiethnic choir with choristers from all different nationalities and background who enjoy singing and share a love for choral music. The choir has a vast repertoire of folk, classical, religious and operatic music. And it has performed extensively at many concerts, international festivals and charitable events. 


Coro San Marco met in 1995 met with the Maestro Manfred Petz of Schola Cantorum (German Choir) and Le Voix du Choeur (French choir) and organized a concert:   Singing Together, which has become since and very successful annual event.


In June 2001 Coro San Marco took part in a 350-voice choir performing in the closing ceremony for the City of Toronto Olympic bid at Roy Thompson Hall with the Toronto Symphony.


In December 2002 and October 2004, the choir joined the visiting Nova Amadeus Orchestra from Rome, Italy for three successful performances. 


In August 2004, Coro San Marco and the world-renowned choir from Italy “Gioventu' in Cantata” performed several concerts together. 


Since June 2006 Coro San Marco has taken part in "Le Mondial Choral Lot-Quebec" in Montreal with acclaimed success .


On October 2008 the choir performed at a gala concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Italian Catholic Church in Toronto, at St. David’s Church in Maple.


The choir Has performed with various orchestras and bands: Italian Philarmonic Orchestra conducted by the late Maestro Pietro Drago, Esprit Alliance Orchestra conducted by Maestro Louie Madrid Calleja, Corktown Chamber orchestra conducted by Paul McCullogh, Opera York Orchestra and solos and the Cambridge Community Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Sabatino Vacca, Silverthorne Symphonic Winds.


In the Spring of 2013 the choir celebrated the bicentenary of Verdi’s birth with Tenor Richard Marginson and the Etobicoke Philarmonic Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Sabatino Vacca.


In 2014 the choir has taken part in Anna German’s Celebration with the Celebrity Orchestra conducted by Maestro Dr. Andrew Rozbicki.


In May of 2014 Coro San Marco performed in Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the CNE Grounds with the Toronto Sinfonietta conducted by Maestro Matthew Jaskiewicz, Novi Singers of Toronto massed choir and famous Irish vocal trio The Priests.


In the Summer 2016 the choir performed with the Odin String Quartet and the clarinetist from Italy: Marco Verza.


Coro San Marco has premiered works of Canadian composers by Daniele Colla, Gianpietro Posocco, Alfio Foti  and Fr. Louis Di Rocco.




The choir has the mission to provide the community the opportunity enjoy and for music lovers to perform music of different styles in a choral setting.


Coro San Marco performs at various venues and events and festivals in the community and for the community.


The choir promotes and performs music of local composers.


The choir promotes and helps young musicians through performing and scholarships.


If you wish to support our young musicians through donations.


Contact  Our charitable number is:  1063270-22.







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